Thursday, September 3, 2015

thredUP - online consignment store

disclaimer: this post contains referral links and I will get credits if you purchase through my link. 

I've been eyeing some of these online consignment sites and decided to give it a try with some tops I had around here.  This time I decided to try thredUp.  It was pretty easy to use and all you had to do was go online and request a bag. Then when you get the bag you fill it up and send it back. They will do the rest.

I'll admit I ordered my bag awhile ago and when I go and look I think it was back in May when I asked for a  thredUp bag.  LOL  Yes it took me that long to actually do this.  I finally filled up the bag and shipped it out.  I got an email from  thredUp on Aug 7th telling me that they got my bag and I should expect it to be processed around August 22nd.  That seemed pretty good to me.  I will also say that this bag is bigger then you would think. I was able to fit a lot in it and there was still room for more.

My pile of goodies that I sent in. I can't find my list of items now but I'm pretty sure I sent in 13 items.  There are certain brands that  thredUp will accept and you can find those on their website.  I collected my items and then went through the list to make sure that they were all good.

I got an email on Aug 21st telling me that my polka dot bag had been processed and I could log in to see my account.

So for my 13 items I'm making a payout of $26.81.  These were not new with tag clothes and according to them some had some wash wear. I honestly do not remember that but I didn't hold them up to each other or anything I just did a quick look for stains.  I'm pretty happy with my payout. Around here selling women's clothes is a huge ordeal and then they don't sell well. If I was having a yard sale I probably would have only gotten $1-$2 for each item so this was a quick and easy way to clear them out.  I also sent in what I would say were some of the lower brands that they do accept so I wasn't expecting anything huge. I am curious to send in some higher end items to see how those do.  As you can see many of my items have already sold and I plan to do some fall shopping for my boys with the credits and/or maybe a few new somethings for me :)  I haven't decided yet. LOL

So would I do it again? Yes and actually I've already ordered another bag.  
Do I plan to make a ton of money? No but I love the ease of it

Have you guys tried  thredUp yet? Have you purchased from them? I've heard great things about what they sell so I can't wait to get some for myself.  If you purchase through one of my links then you will get $20 off your first purchase and I will get $20 too.  :)  That will make us both very happy. 
I do need to do a huge closet purge so hopefully I'll have some goodies that can go in my next bag.

Happy consigning,

disclaimer: this post contains referral links and I will get credits if you purchase through my link. 

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