Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Yay it is finally here. The new fall season of TV. :)  I'm beyond excited and while I haven't watched all the new shows or the premieres of my existing shows I have watched a couple.  Let's chat about a couple of them.

Let's talk about my big one from last week Scream Queens.  I will admit while I thought it looked great I really just wasn't sure about it. Then I watched it and I LOVED it. It is so campy and perfect.  It is a lot like the movies Heathers and Jawbreakers that I really like and while it is current they do give a little wink wink to the fact that people know the genre and the era.  Oh did you notice the soundtrack too?  It was full of mid 90s music that is really the feel of the show to me.  Now for the story. It is corny but I will say after the first episode I think there could be a number of actual masked killers.  Oh and that ending!!! I was beginning to be worried they were going to kill off all the name actors and then that.  So not what I was expecting.

I also got a chance to watch Scorpion.  I think it did a good job of getting the team back together.  The story was a little contrived but really most of their cases are but I love the team dynamic with everyone.  I can't wait to see where Paige and Walter go from here. I know they will draw it out but they really are good together and they obviously like each other and they have heat so it will be fun to see it play out.

M and I caught NCIS:New Orleans this week too.  It is a good procedural to watch for both of us.  I liked the first one and they jumped right in with excitement. I also think they set us up for the season long mystery that they will pick up here and there with Pride being a target.

That is my talk for today.  I'm not sure which shows I'll get a chance to catch this week as I'm heading for a girls scrapping retreat where GASP the hotel rooms don't have TVs. LOL  I know can you believe such a place exists.  I'm actually usually so busy and having so much fun that I don't miss it too much ;)  What shows did you catch last week? Anything new you are loving?  

Happy Viewing,


  1. my favorite topic!!! we have been watching limitless and i thought blindspot (is that the name?) was exceptional. the one with the tattoos.

    1. I recorded it but since I was heading out of town I haven't watched yet. I'm excited to catch up on it when I get back. I think the new shows this season have a lot of promise.

    2. we watched #2 last night. it was really good!


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