Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Fall Thursday afternoon!!!  I'm back today and linking up with Jen for her Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • Have you guys every had a new Chick-fil-a open near you?  We have one open today about 5 minutes from my house and I had to go by yesterday to see the campers. The first 100 people get coupons for food for the year.  I love me some CFA but I'm not camping out for it.

  • Of course that didn't mean C and I didn't stop by today when we were out to the grocery store to get him some lunch.  I told him only if the line wasn't too bad and since I could get into the drive through lane I figured we'd give it a go. :)

  • C had his Thanksgiving Feast at preschool the other day. The kids looked so cute and actually sang the blessing up on the stage. It was a little in the round but they all made it through. The food was really good too and such an assortment.  These are the things I will miss when he goes to big kid school next year.

  • So random but I caught up on Supergirl and I love who they have for her step-parents. I never really watched Lois & Clark but of course I knew what it was and I loved he Supergirl movie from back in the day.  I love the little ins they give us "older" kids who enjoy these comic shows.

  • I saw this in my feed the other day and I love the idea.  I need to talk to M and maybe do something like this this year.  I think it is awesome.

So that is about it for day.  C and I are home now and have carpool today so will head out that way in a bit. It is rainy and dreary but should clear up for the weekend and I get to do some scrapping with my girls so I'm beyond excited.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. I don't have a CFA near me, but I don't think I'd ever camp out for free food!


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