Tuesday, November 10, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Excited to talk some TV today.

Let's start this week off with some Vampire Diaries.  Like I've said before I'm liking this season and I think they are doing a good job with Elena being going.  I'm also liking the little flash forwards that they are starting the episodes with. They are giving us a little flash at what happens 3 yrs in the future and something major must have happened since our main cast is all spread out and doing their own thing.  I'm also still trying to figure out who the hunter is and they keep showing me people so we can know who it isn't.  Still so many possibilities.  So this week we saw Bonnie and Enzo together and then we saw some interaction in the current time line with them and you can start to see some of the flirtation there.  So fun.  I'm also happy to see Jo back even though she isn't really Jo but her and Alaric seem to be trying to work it out for now but I'm sure something will come up since we were told the souls were old vampire souls so that vampire tendencies should show themselves soon.  eeeh so exciting and I love when they get more Alaric on the screen so this could be a big story arc for him.

Next up is Supergirl.  Uhm can someone remind me that Peter Facinelli is going to be the show. LOL I kindof remember now that I've seen him that I read he was going to be on it but I had forgotten so I got a nice little boost.  Of course I'm sure he will end up being a bad guy of some kind but I like him so far.  This week also introduced us to Jenna Dewan Tatum as Lucy Lane and since I like her as an actress I hope she sticks around. It will also help keep the Jimmy/Kara stuff as a will they or won't they relationship.  It also strikes me as funny that Kara and Clark are Iming. It seem so ridiculous to me that Supergirl and Superman have to message each other but it just makes things so much more normal and common place.

M and I have finally caught up on Bones too.  I will say I was a little skeptical when they were going to do a cross over with Sleepy Hollow since I don't care for Sleepy Hollow and couldn't get through the first season but they made it work and it was only a little awkward.  I did not go and watch the SH episode since I feel the Bones one was wrapped up and I didn't need more info but I'm sure it was fine too.  I'm also warming to Aubrey  he is by no means Sweets but he is coming into his own and fitting in better with the group. I just wish they had hired someone a bit more different. I mean he is a psychologist like Sweets was but he still a very similar character.

I'm going to work on catching up on some more shows this week and I'll be back next week for some more talk.
Happy Viewing,

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