Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


And here we go.....

Let's start with my usual Walking Dead. So if you watched this week you know what this picture means.  I will say I kindof expected it and it happened pretty close to how I was thinking but it was still pretty great to actually see Glenn make it.  It also leads to an interesting bit with him and Enid and I'm guessing that he and Maggie will take her in but we will have to see.  Now back to  Alexandria and that mess. WOWsers I'm sure we will see some more people die with this latest issue but I think they will come out stronger and some of the Alexandrians will come out stronger in the end.  I like the idea of Alexandria though so I hope they get to stay there awhile more and/or get to go back.  I do wonder why they didn't see that the tower was leaning towards the fence and push it the other way.  Of course I think it has only been like a day or something since the whole season started so while it feels like it has been going on forever for us it hasn't been that long for them.

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Originals. This season is really heating up with the war against the sire lines.  I love how the family pulls together against an enemy no matter how much they are fighting with each other.  And I'm thinking I mentioned this before but they added Jason Dohring this season and really he makes everything better :)  I think there is more to him then we are seeing so far but I love that he is on there.  

So I'll go on record and say I am way behind on my new shows.  The problem with the above three Limitless, Blindspot, and Quantico are that M and I want to watch them together and we have been so busy we just haven't had time to really watch. We are hoping that now that some shows are going on hiatus until Jan we can pick these up. I think they all look really good and I can't wait to watch. Which one are you watching? Is there one we should start with?

Happy Watching,

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