Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Time to talk some TV. It's been a but busy over here so I'm just getting to this today.

So first up is my weekly Walking Dead. This was a slower episode from the last couple of weeks but even with that it didn't feel slow. I didn't even realize that it was 90minutes when I was watching.  So I'm thinking I still like Morgan even though some of his actions aren't always the best in the long run I do think he is trying and doing what he thinks is the best.  Now that we have his story I'm curious to see how it will play out with the rest of the season. The previews for next week look to pic up where last weeks ended and at least Maggie will be off to try and find Glenn and maybe then we will get some answers on him.

 Is anyone still watching Reign?  They are really tugging at the heartstrings as they lead up to Francis dieing.  They told us and we all know it is coming but it is still so sad and heart wrenching to watch.  They are such a great couple and he will be sorely missed.  I'm very curious how they will lead on and how soon it will be that they pair Mary up with someone else.  I think Catherine will have something to say about that one. I still get a little thrill watching Anne of Green Gables on my tv each week. It brings the little girl out in me I think.

I've mentioned it before and you all know I'm currently in to General Hospital. I actually have a love hate relationship with it and will go in and out of watching and right now I'm watching.  I do let my self fast forward when I want and normally I'm cleaning when I have it on but it works for me. :)  So this week is the big wedding of Jake/Jason and Elizabeth.  Since Carly now knows that Jake is really Jason you know that all hell is going to break loose at the wedding. He is going to be so mad when he finds out that Elizabeth knew and didn't tell him.  I do wonder if this will play into the Sam/Patrick wedding as well and after reading some spoilers last week I'm sure it will.  I'm not sure that they will put this Jason back with Sam right away but I do like the friendship that they have and hope that they can at least maybe work together or something.

What have been your favorite shows recently? 
Let's talk some TV!!!

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