Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


I'm not kidding today there are some major spoilers down here.  I NEED to talk about a couple of these shows. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you are watching below.

So totally starting with the Vampire Diaries and this weeks episode.  While I don't think the episode was overly active they did give tons and tons of information in it.  Let's start off with the flash forward at the beginning and finding out that Alaric and Caroline are engaged!!! Uhm what? that is just totally crazy and so not what I was expecting. I would say a lot has happened in three years.  Then lets jump to the end of the episode and learning that Caroline is carrying Jo and Alarics twins.  I have no idea how all that works and what it will mean for the future as I'm sure the Gemini coven is not going to want to just leave them alone for too long but WOWsers that is just craziness.  I mean really I don't even care what happened in the rest of the episode (but watching faux Jo die again was very sad) when they dropped all these bombs on me at one time.  I was full on jaws to the floor.  I can't wait for this weeks episode and hopefully have them fill in some of the pieces.

OMG how gut wrenching has Reign been lately?  And this week was no exception.  Watching Francis die was miserable and so so sad.  I was a little concerned that they were going to let him live for a little bit once they revived him but then for him to actually die rescuing Mary was perfect and made everything even more touching.  I'm not wondering what the show is going to do. I looked up the history and Mary rushes back to Scotland in real life however I doubt they will make her go away from all that is going on in French court so fast on the show but I don't know.  There would be a ton of cast that would be gone if she went to another country and that would be a shame. I'm betting they take some license and let her stay for awhile.

I caught up with Once Upon a Time and I'm a little confused with the two dark ones now. Not that I'm upset that Emma and Hook can be together but what is she trying to do? Get the darkness out of them both maybe?  I will say this whole first half of this season has been a little odd to me and feels kindof disjointed.  While I like Merida I don't feel like they integrated her as well as they did Elsa last season.  I can't wait to see how they finish out this half of the season and then the long hiatus to March when the show returns.

Happy Viewing,

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