Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I'm not sure where the weeks have gone. We have been crazy busy and before I know it we have the weekend and that is busy again.
  • I am so excited with my Raskog cart from Ikea.  I saw Rambling Jenn (which yes is what I call her when I talk about her to M :)) and I knew I needed to get one.  C and I filled ours up this week and it is awesome. It sits by my kitchen table and the boys have been using it everyday.

  • I went to the David Gray concert with friends earlier this week and I knew more songs then I was expecting. It was a really good show even though it did rain the whole time and while I was under a rain poncho I still got wet but poor M was soaked all the way through. I'm not sure I've seen him so wet in awhile.

  • I've been working on getting my Stampin' up stuff ready for the consignment sale. My friend is picking it up today and the sale is next Saturday. I'm so excited to weed out some things I no longer need and to see if I can find any new goodies I just have to have.  If you are in the Raleigh/Cary area and are interested in more info shoot me a message and I will get it too you.
  • Speaking of consignment sales. I go to the Upscale Resale sale here each year and I find some hidden gems for the boys. They were having a contest with one of their vendors that will also be set up and I won a free shirt for C. Woohoo it is a Frozen shirt with Olaf, Hans and Sven and it will have his name on it.  I can't wait it will be so cute.
  • I didn't get a chance to watch last nights Big Brother but I did watch the scoop on what happened after the football comp. Lets just say if Frankie doesn't go into acting he is missing out. I really think he has the house snowed.  I'm not sure who I want to win but right now I'm loving Frankie and Derrick. Derrick is another that has them snowed they have no idea he is a cop but then they think Donnie is more then he is so that isn't saying much.

  • Working on my weekend plans now. I'm not sure what all we are doing but I feel like we will be busy. LOL I know I have a girls movie night tomorrow night up at our clubhouse and then my sister moves into her new apartment on Saturday so I'm sure to see her and the family sometime then. M is working Saturday night and Sunday night so the boys and I will just be chilling I think most of the time but I'm sure we will have some fun somewhere.
So that is my random jumping around thoughts at the moment. We pooled all morning so C and I are both kindof zoning a bit this afternoon. 

Talk to you soon,


  1. I am really hoping to find great not junky resale where we are moving. Speaking of, I'm going to have the biggest/baddest yard sale of all time. Seriously. I gotta get rid of the extras and make way for more!

    1. That was my best yard sale ever. When we moved from our old house to this one we left everything over there and had a sale there. Whatever didn't sale got loaded right up for donation. We sold and made so much money. Advertise it as a moving sale. I think that really did attract people there since they figured we had more stuff which we did. Good luck!!!


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