Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • We had Cs meet the teacher yesterday and I didn't take a single picture. #whatkindofscrapbookeramI
  • With that he will be going MWF starting next week and I'm beyond excited.  It really isn't much time but I hope to get the basics done like grocery shopping and maybe some Disney work without my little helper. Of course I only have 3 weeks before N tracks out but I'll make it work.
Playground fun
  • My sister and I are thinking of driving down to WDW to take in a night of Mickey Not So Scary Halloween Party. Yes we are that crazy to drive 10hours each way for one day in the parks. :) Whose in?
Isn't this how everyone eats their Gigi cupcakes?
  • Yes I have alot of pictures in this post and they have nothing to do with the thoughts except I've been slacking on blogging and I feel very behind in sharing.
  • I'm going to be so sad if Donny goes home tonight on Big Brother. I did not expect him to win but I was hoping he would make it a couple more weeks.  Not sure who I want to win but if its the best player I'm saying Derrick. He still has everyone snowed.
The boys at the Durham Bulls game. This is the one I shared on IG
  • I'm working on cleaning out the boys closets and have signed up for a consignment sale in a couple weeks. So sad that there are so many clothes both boys are too big for but so happy to have some space in the closets.
  • College football starts this weekend. All of us are going to this Saturdays game but I'm really excited for the games I send M and the boys to without me. As much as I love going having a little me time is what really makes me happy. Now if I could only know the game times soon. I hate the way they wait until tv picks which games to show. It makes it hard to plan things.
The picture I took first and I didn't share LOL
  • I went to Ns curriculum night last week and his teacher is great. I'm already in love with here and its only been a couple weeks. I think she is going to be great for him and he is really showing great progress already. 
  • He made a point of telling me to check out his self portrait that they made with pen!!!  The way he told it those pens must be better then sliced bread. LOL He was so happy that I had to find it while I was there.  Well uhm does it look like Sloth from Goonies to anyone else?

So that is it for my very random Thursday Thoughts this week. What are you all up to this week? Any big Labor Day plans? 


  1. i'm buying a house tomorrow and moving in! WOOOOOO! that's what i'm doing.

    we don't have to worry about the football thing until next week. i need to go see the traffic to see if everyone's telling the truth! i don't know why they are in ireland this week. whatever. i guess that they don't even pretend to take classes though. hah. shhhhh don't tell anyone i said that.

    it was too hot and buggy at the meet the teacher thing, i never took a picture. i only took some at orientation because everyone else was doing it. :)

    1. Good luck with football traffic!!!! I'm so excited for your house. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Yes I see the Goonies flashback. Cute picture for sure! No plans for this weekend, we are going to work on Labor Day. Horrible I know!!!! Oh well, maybe I'll get a nice treat to share with my co-workers. Hoping to do something fun next weekend with my hubby for my birthday.

    1. Oh have fun next weekend. We have football the next couple of weekends with home games but hopefully M will take the boys to at least one so I can have some me time. :) I love football season. LOL


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