Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fave Five

Linking up with a new link today. Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. I read it each week so I decide to hop on the blog hop this week.

Here are Five of my favorite things this week!!!!

Favorite Target Find:

C and I went to Target yesterday and since he was being so good we walked the toy aisles too.  This just jumped out at me and I thought it was awesome. I always says its so great I don't have a girl since I would have put this right in my cart. Uhm it almost made my cart anyway :)

Favorite Weekend Activity:

Football starts here tomorrow and the game is early so we can all go. The boys are going to love it and I'm ready.  Of course if you've been reading I'm also loving that for some of the other games M is going to take the boys so I will have me time and just knowing that is coming makes me beyond happy.

Favorite Magazine:

My favorite magazine and I just had to resubscribe for more.  I used to get it from Mycokerewards but it doesn't look to be an option anymore but luckily had a special and I'm getting it for another year not too bad. Plus this is the cover coming today and I love The Walking Dead and Norman Reedus.

Favorite Crafty stuff:
All of the new items in the Stampin' Up Holiday catalog especially all the new Washi tape and yes I just placed an order for all the new washi from the new year long idea book and the holiday catalog. So many great colors and fun fun designs. This one is Santa & Co. and this whole line is so cute with lots of fun looking Santas and colors.

Favorite Organization:

I've posted about this before but it is my Raskog cart from Ikea. OMG is it AWESOME. My boys are in love with it too and we do art everyday. While it has not stayed where I think it should be stored and now kindof lives between the boys chairs at my kitchen table it at least gets the stuff off my table and into one spot.  I'm in love and I'm still debating needing another one.

So I think that is it for today. I love reading Jennifer's post each week so glad I had some time to follow along today.  Check out her blog and then hop over and check out a couple more. They are all so great and you never know what new things you will find that you just NEED right now ;)

Happy Friday Everyone and have a great Labor Day weekend!!!!

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  1. I love that cart! It seems like everyone but me has one now! Sorry it took me an entire week to return the visit. My life has been EXTRA crazy over the last couple of weeks. The washi tape is really cute! I can't wait for the Walking Dead to start again. Noman plays my favorite character. They had better not kill him off. Or I will...Walk. lol.


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