Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wantable Intimates August 2014 Review

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I've been a real slacker in my reviews lately and I have a couple here that need to be done but when this box came I knew it had to be one of the first ones I looked at. :)  I skipped my Wantable Intimates in July since I was going to be gone and then I had to send back my makeup one so I was so excited to get this one.

First look and as always I'm amazed at how they get everything in the box. They have some master packers over there at Wantable.  I love a full box and they never disappoint.

Once I moved the paperwork I was already excited by the first look at the items.

Wantable doesn't just have an info card they have an info sheet. Since each box is packed separately this works well.  It also gives you the highlights of the survey that you fill out for them when you sign up. I've said it before but Wantable has the most indepth survey and you really get a pretty good customization in your box that way.  Within each category there are some options too and I did go in and play around a little bit this month and I may do it again coming up. Since it is still so hot here in NC I won't be wearing hose or socks so those will be staying on my dislike list for awhile.  Wantable says you will never get anything you dislike and that you are more likely to get things you love then things you just like.

And now I know you have all been waiting for what goodies I got this month. :)

Eehhh I am so excited. They are bright and fun and so soft.  I know I say this every month but I really love my Wantable subscription and I love that I get 4-5 premium essentials for $36 a month if you join or you can get a one month box or $40.  If you do decide to join they have a very easy skip feature and they offer returns if you are unhappy. That is so rare with these boxes and I've not had to use the return yet but I have been skipping every couple of months depending on what I have going on.

Honeydew Floral Lace and Rayon Tank ($24) - This is so soft and pretty. I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture but it has a lace back. This is a little pale blue for me but I'm sure I will wear it under something else and it will work great for that.

Rene Rofe thong ($12) - These are right up my alley as I am a thong girl at heart and the color is so bright and pretty.
QT Intimates black/sea foam bikini ($12) - These aren't very exciting but they will be great for when I need a little bit more panty and black is always good for that.

Isadora Fair Isle Purple and Blue Leggings ($18) - Oh wow these are so fun. Not so sure I will wear them with shoes like in the picture ;) 

So what do you guys think about this box?  I'm very happy with it and can't wait to get my next one.  Since the value of the box came to $66 which isn't one of my most valuable boxes but since I only paid $36 for the box I'm happy.

Did you opt for the Wantable box this month? What did you get? I'm always curious what everyone gets and if you love it or not.  Wantable just sent out a survey for a new fitness box coming up and I'm thinking of working that one into my rotation. I'm curious to see what might come in there. I've gotten a couple of fitness tanks in my intimates boxes so I'm guessing they will move over but I can't wait to check that out.

Happy boxing,

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