Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

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Hey look its still morning and I'm sending out my musings :)  Who knew I could do that LOL I kindof missed last week somehow.  C and I were busy and then we left for CLT so I could go to CKC and a day of shopping. Woohoo!!!  CKC was small this year but I still managed to find some fun and great Disney themed items that I've already started using when I got scrappy with friends on Saturday. The rest will be used as I keep scrapping my Jan trip and then some will go out when I'm sending documents and other goodies to clients who book trip with me ;)

Oh and since I got to Charlotte early enough we made a trip to IKEA and I got my Raskog cart. I let C pick the color and he opted for the mint.  I was so excited and actually got it put together last night. I'll share a picture of it all filled up when I get the crafty goodies in it.

Since I got scrappy with my friends Saturday you know we always have fun. One of the ladies brought this win. Who knew that they make wine juice boxes.  I guess when we call it mommy juice it can now really look like mommy juice. LOL

So lets see what is on the schedule for this week? C and I will be home a lot working on his potty training. He is really getting good at it but we need some home time to really let it sink in. Then Friday I have Ladies night movie at the clubhouse which should be so much fun.  We also have our playgroups end of summer pool party this week too if the weather holds out. Oh and I should take a picture but my sister moves into her new apartment up here for school this weekend so I have a trunk full of things for her.  I'm hoping to leave it in there so I don't have to move it in and out but we'll see how the week is going.

I've been slacking on sharing my box goodies with you but since I should be home this week I will try and catch up. I know I have a Julep, a Fancy Summer Surprise box, and a Wantable Intimates here that I need to post already.

Stampin' Up is having a great sale on their Big Shots. If you buy a new Big Shot then you get a Free Bundle to go with it.  Check it out here and don't forget to look around at the other goodies on sale in the Weekly Deals and Clearance Rack

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So that is it for my week what are you up to this week? Anything fun and exciting? How was your weekend?

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