Monday, August 25, 2014

Wantable Makeup August 2014 Box Review

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Yea it's that time again and I got my Wantable makeup box in the mail today. If you remember I had to return last months box and you can see that here. Just to follow up there was no issues in the return and I filled out the online info and they sent return postage so I sealed the box back up and sent it back. Later that week I had the credit back in my account.  Easy peasy and so glad that they have that option.  I did go in and modify my questions after returning and was eagerly waiting for a new box this month.

As I've told you before Wantable  has one of the most indepth signup surveys out there. They have the main category and then some questions within each one. Since I didn't care for last months I went in and tweaked it some this month to hopefully get a box better reflecting my likes.  Here is my chart this month.

Here is the first look into the box and let me say the box felt a little heavy this month so I was very curious what was in there.

Oh so exciting and is it just me or is it even more exciting when the items come in a box since I then get another little mini reveal once I take everything out.  I had seen one of these before and I had seen the names of a couple others but I was excited to see what was in the boxes.

Here it all is.  The boxes did not disappoint.  One of the issues I had with my box last month was the tone of the blush colors and I said I liked my colors to be a little more pink and boy did they deliver on that.  LOL

Marsk Mineral Blush in Watermelon ($42) - This is so bright but I'm loving it. The info sheet says a little goes a long way and I'm believing every minute of that statement. LOL  I had never heard of this brand but it is 100% natural, mineral-based loose powder that's strictly cruelty free.  Those are always a plus.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil ($18) - I actually have this pencil and use it often. It really does work wonders on my under eye darkness.

Vincent Longo Lip Gloss in Berry ($22) - I had heard of this brand but I've never used it and I'm loving this tons.  The color screams fall to me and I'm a sucker for all glosses anyway so right up  my alley.  

Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Blush Pallete ($45) - This has me really intrigued as I've never really gotten a blush pallete before and just buy one blush use it till its gone and then get another. Should I be mixing it up more?  This says that it is great for travel and that you will have all the options you need in one convenient case.

Wantable  costs $36 a month if you have a subscription and $40 a month if you just want to get one month and this month my box had a value of $127!!! That is amazing and totally worth it but if I had not liked it I could have sent it back like I did last month.  Since I got so much blush this month I might go into my survey and put blush to a dislike for awhile but we'll see as blush is something I use daily so I'm always on the lookout for a fun new brand and color.

Since Wantable  promises to send more items that you Love and never send items you dislike everyone's boxes are so different.  Did any of you get a box this month? What fun did you get in your box?  My next box from them should be an Intimates box at the beginning of next month and I'm still awaiting the start of the fitness box. That one sounds fun to me too.

Happy Wantable  Day,

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