Monday, October 5, 2015


Good evening!!!  I've been playing catchup today since I've been away so I'm just getting a chance to do my weekly recap with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post :)


Laughing--- My sister (Hi Emily!!!) came over to watch N this weekend why I was away and M had to work and she sent me a message saying she was freezing. LOL I told her to turn the fire on and she sent me a picture back.  So funny that she was the first one to use the fire this season and this week its going to be back into the 70s so I don't see me turning it on anytime too soon again.

Giddy--- Over my girls weekend.  I was in desperate need of a weekend away and somehow even though I was scrapbooking I didn't manage to get any pictures of the girls I was with. LOL I know some of them took some so I'll have to see if they will pass them along. I did however get pictures of my pile before I loaded the car and then the start of our table set up.  I really think I actually packed a little better this year and didn't take as much random stuff and I wasn't missing anything that I just really wanted.  I can't wait until next fall so we can do it again.

Loving--- The gift one of the girls brought me.  I love it and I was able to fill it up with pages so it worked perfect for the weekend.

Thankful--- For a great mom who watches my boys so I can go on trips.  Since N was in school he stayed home but C went down and spent some time with my mom, stepdad and my brother who was also in town.  He had a great time and since these are the pictures she sent me I'm pretty sure she just fed him all weekend. LOL he is a growing boy afterall. 

Curious--- I keep seeing this setup at my local Target and I really don't know much of it.  Has anyone bought or looked into Lego Dimensions?  C loves Lego minifigures so I'm wondering if this would be something to get him?  I really need to check it out.

So that is my week or so in a glance. I am excited that they are calling for some sun this week since its rained for 12 days straight and I'm pretty over it. We haven't had the flooding here like some areas close to me but I'm still very waterlogged.  

Have a great week everyone!!!

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