Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Must-dos

So I've decided I actually do better when I have a to-do list so I thought I would share with everyone. :) This way you can all hold me accountable ;)

So lets start the week of with some to-dos:

  • Work on the teacher end of year gifts. N doesn't have much longer in preschool and we are going to miss his teachers so much.
  • When I get those done I need to put away and organize all my scrappy stuff. Shh don't tell but its still all over the table from scrapping with friends last weekend.
  • I downloaded my first audio book onto my hand-me down Ipod touch. Thank you Emily.  So now I'm ready to get back really into my elliptical. My plan this week is to get on it at least three times. I did it twice last week so I'm moving it up one.
  • So this is a basic one but pick up toys. The boys and I have a huge mess here.
  • This week shouldn't be too crazy running around but I'm sure more and more will come up.  

So check back in next Monday to see how I did and see whats on next weeks list.

So tell me what are on your to dos this week? Anything exciting or fun?


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