Monday, April 22, 2013

Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box

I did pretty good at my yard sale the other weekend so I decided to jump and grab the Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box.  For those wondering Julep is a monthly subscription box that specializes in nail polish however they do have lotions, lipsticks, scrubs etc.  It is $19.99 a month but unlike some other boxes they send an email each month with the box you are going to get and you can then change to another box or easily skip if you don't care for the offerings that month.  They also offer special mystery boxes on occasion and that is what I grabbed up this time. We were guaranteed to get one of three sea salt polishes and then some other extra goodies too. :) I've never tried a textured polish except for glitter so I'm anxious to get it on my nails.

My first look. I love when my little boxes are jam packed full. :)

 According to my paper work I got box #7.

  • Jill - This is my sea salt color. It is a dark beige. This may be the next color I put on since I'm so excited to try it.
  • Claudette - Julep says this is a Smoky Brick Red Creme. I love dark colors so I can't wait for it to cool down some so I can go with a dark red.
  • Viola - Deepest Dark Purple Creme. Again another dark color for me to love come fall and winter.
  • Sarah - This one is no longer available on their site so I had to GTS to get a description. I found that it is a sheer pink coral with iridescent glitter. It looks really pretty and I'm thinking it will go great over top of some of my other polishes this summer.
  • Rock Star Hand Creme - I'm actually really excited to get this. It was in the boxes back in March but I skipped that month so I didn't get one. I'm been trying really hard to use more lotion on both my hands and feet so I'm going through it pretty fast.
  • a nail file - really who can't have another nail file? :)
  • toe separators - Question does anyone use these when doing their toes? They always use them at the salon but I don't use them at home. Maybe I should try.
This mystery box was $24.99 and I'm so glad I jumped at getting it since I got tons of colors to try.

Did you get a Sea Salt Box? Which colors did you get?


disclaimer - The link up there is an affiliate link. I get points with Julep if you order through me.

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  1. Cute but wouldn't get used in my house!!! And the toey thing!!!!


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