Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday photo dump

Hmm it doesn't look like Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom has her link up but I'm doing it anyway. ETA looks like its all fixed now. :)

I got a little crafty with this one.

This was at my moms house last week. The Easter Bunny brought a bubble machine and it was tons of fun. I forgot it at her house so we'll have to get it next time but we did buy some new bubbles to put in it.

My mom bought the boys some new shirts while we were there and after N first said he wanted to exchange his he decided he liked them and this was one morning this week. We were trying to take a picture for grandma with their new shirts on.  Sure glad they were so helpful and you can surely tell what they are wearing.LOL

And the rest:

  • My and C chilling the other day. 
  • Out first produce box of the season.  N's favorite thing is the bread. The Great Harvest Bread company just happened to come to his preschool this week and talk about how they make the bread and then we got some in our box. He's been downing the wonderful Honey Wheat Bread. 
  • My little man. I'm in a group and they are having a fun and games with a task each day this month. One of the days was to take a picture of your youngest. This was C posing for my pic.
Thanks Jennifer for the link up and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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