Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I have to run out to the Hallmark store today to get the next ornament in my monthly Disney series and they so nicely sent me a 30% off coupon for the store.  Now to decide where else C and I will stop while out there :)
  • We went to the FireStation on a tour with out playgroup yesterday and while C didn't seem to enjoy it he was listening and I have been hearing all about it since we left yesterday. He has also been dressed like  fireman since then.
  • Today is M and my 10th anniversary. We have really big plans to grab some dinner and then hit a couple Targets ;)
  • Yes we are going to Target and I'm hoping to find some toys are clearance for 70% off. I'd love to have most of my Christmas extra shopping done soon and I'm off to a good start.
  • I spent a good portion of yesterday once I got home working on pricing for peoples upcoming 2015 Disney trips with the new prices coming out.  All that has done is make me really want to go to Disney like right now. Whose with me?  Can we just pack up and go this weekend?
  • N is having a great time in 1st grade so far. Now if we can keep he and C from screaming at each other not even 5 minutes after he walks in the door all will be good.  In the few short days that he has been gone C has decided that I am all his and does not want to share me with N.  It makes for some lovely battles everyday. Lets hope that C gets tired of me and is like take her please take her ;)  I need to know all the happenings in the 1st grade so I have to talk to N when he gets here. LOL
  • Speaking of N help me out with some lunch ideas? He does not eat peanut butter or lunch meat so his lunches consist of two pieces of plain bread, a pack of fruit snacks, strawberries and grapes and something crunchy like pretzel gold fish, graham crackers, nilla wafers etc.  Everyday that is what he takes and he seems very happy with it but I'm bored.  Oh and for his snack each day he takes basically the same thing strawberries and grapes, fruit snacks and a crunchy.  We tried some other things last year but nothing he really wanted and didn't eat so we got in a rut. He is fine with it but I'm trying to think outside the box. Any ideas?
 So that is my randomness for the day.  What all are you thinking of today?  Any big plans for the weekend?

Have a great Thursday!!!



  1. i get home from the expensive mall and see that all the targets finally went to 70%. FML! (ok not that bad) but still. WAH.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ahhh, my comment finally went through! I haven't been able to leave them (again) and didn't want to type some long thing only for you not to get it.

    Would N eat hummus? Chips and salsa? I put together some weird meals for the kids.

    1. It did come through :) Nope no hummus or salsa. He doesn't like anything that he could call a condiment. LOL I wish we could find a protein he liked. We're trying o we'll see.


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