Friday, July 25, 2014

Wantable Makeup July 2014 Box Review

Oh Wantable I was so excited to see my makeup box from you in my mail today. It was a big makeup day here today since my Hautelook/Nordstrom bag came this morning too. :)  It has been a couple months since I got a Wantable makeup box and I really didn't remember what my settings were set to so it was going to be a surprise. As you will see below I will be going back into my survey before my next one.

 I do always love the first look and seeing how well everything gets put in the box.

I know I've said it before and I said it up above but Wantable has a very indepth survey that you fill out. I had not gotten a box recently so I hadn't played around with mine at all.  I know it was set to my likings from before but I usually tweak it a little each time.

And now onto the contents.  Uhm I was not so sure when I saw this. I didn't know what everything was and I did like the sizes but I knew they needed to have some more investigation.
  • Ofra BB Cream in Light Brown ($40) - This is alot of BB Cream and being that I'm not a huge lover of foundations anyway I will never use this much.  I do actually like getting the smaller samples since I can try the product and then decide. There is so much here I hate to open it and then really hate it.  I'm so fair that its hard to tell coloring when I cant check it.  I do like that this has an SPF built in but I'm not opening it.
  • Forever Nail Files ($10) - This is stinkin' cute and I love the Swarovski crystals.  I would totally not buy then on my own but would love to have it stashed in my purse to pull out when needed.
  • Vincent Longo Dew Drop Blush in Hearts Desire ($30) - I am a blush girl and use it everyday but I need a more pinkish blush for my skintone.  I am going to add a picture of the color below so you can see this is just a little to brownish for me.

  • Ofra Loose Blush in Color Pink Sapphire ($35) - As I said above I love blush but do I need two full size products in one month no and as above this isn't really pink and I prefer the pinkish tones.
As you can see the value is in the box as this one came to $115 and since the Wantable box only costs $36 a month for a subscription or $40 for a one time box I think if the colors had been more me I would have been over the moon. I really don't mind getting one product in my box that just isn't me as I can trade/sell it but when there are so many I need to try and use the other great feature about Wantable.  They offer free returns. I have never used the feature but once their system updates that my box as been delivered I will initiate a return of my whole box.  I'm actually excited to try that feature out even if it means I didn't love my box this month.

I will be getting more makeup boxes and of course my lovely intimates boxes that I still love love love.  Did you guys get a Wantable  box this month? What goodies did you get in yours? Did you love it?


disclaimer: My referral link is included above.

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