Monday, August 17, 2015


After spending most of last week at my mom's house I'm back today linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently post and my weekly update.  I'll apologize now for the picture heavy post this week. We did so much last week and had so much fun.


Excited--- for the week we spent at my mom's house.  The boys had a blast and we swam so much in between all of our other activities. They even shared the pool with Sasha.  C finally discovered that he could jump all on his own which was so fun to watch and he did it over and over.

Crafting--- my mom took N to paint pottery once so when she saw a Groupon she grabbed it and we went back.  This was Cs first time and he took it very seriously. I can't wait to see the final products once they are fired. Oh and the cute selfie of the three of us is when we were waiting in the parking lot for her to meet us there.  I had to share since the boys are just too cute.

Laughing--- at my boys. This is a random shot of their new flipflops. As you know C loves his rainbows and he really outgrew them so we went to get some new ones. The store didn't have any that he really liked so we opted for some Reefs instead but that isn't why I'm laughing.  I'm laughing since yes I have two boys but whenever I go to do my pedicure I end up doing three sets of toes. LOL you can't really see in the pic but C has on a lime green and N has on black and blue.  Gotta love my boys.

Loving--- as always my boys and especially that they will still wear matching jammies. I mean who doesn't love little kids in matching jammies? :) Oh and C isn't upset he just kept moving around so N told him to stand still like a soldier so that is his soldier pose.

Exhausted--- we spent a day at Great Wolf Lodge while we were there and after 6 hours in the waterpark I was a goner. The boys of course were still raring to go and I'm pretty sure could have stayed another 6 hours.

Exploring--- while at the mall we saw that the SeaLife Aquarium had a deal if you ordered your tickets online so we jumped on and grabbed some. The boys had a blast and C got to meet Kwazii which he thought was AWESOME.

Ending--- this post with one last picture of us at Ns flag football game.  This was C in I'm pretty sure the only minute he wasn't up and moving and talking to my mom and my mother-in-law who were both there to watch the game.  He was one busy bee at the game.

Have a great Monday and week everyone!!!

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  1. What a precious post. Looks like you guys have had an incredible bunch of activities to enjoy currently!


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