Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday and link up


Time to talk some TV. If you would like to join in the fun I'm adding a link up to the bottom so join us and talk some TV.

Let's start today with Big Brother. I am addicted to this show each summer and I find it hysterical most of the time.  Last night was no exception. I wanted to scream at Shelly "What are you thinking" when she gave James the HoH.  She seems to think that noone knows they are behind the last couple of weeks but the other guests are not stupid and totally are out to get here. She needs to know that you never give up the HoH unless your direct partner is the other winner.  Well that is good in most cases since I'm sure that hasn't worked out for everyone either ;) I'm still not sure who I want to win this season. Noone is really a stand out to me but they are all entertaining so we'll see how it goes.  Do you have a favorite? Who do you want to win?

Summer time and time for Mistresses.  It is really heating up this season and the new girl is really uhm not even sure what to call her but she is not great.  I don't really think that Calista did it but it sure is looking that way now. She also should have stuck by Joss and figured it out together and not just let her get accused.  Oh and let's talk about the new boyfriend of April. He seemed all nice to start but he is giving me the creeps now.  He needs to just get to going so she can get with Mark.  It does seem a little skeevy that he came to town with the Mistress of her husband but we all know that they are going to hook up sometime.  I'm guessing just intime for said "allegedly" dead husband to come back or the other women to head back from her job.  I do like him and think he is good for her so that should be a fun time.

That is all the talk today. I haven't really been watching a ton of TV this week since we've been so busy with N being tracked out.  I'm excited for the fall new TV season and once my EW gets here with my preview I will get a new post up with that one too.  I'm loving all the commercials coming on for the season though and the onset pics that actors are posting of being back to work.  Such a fun time and I can't wait.

If you'd like to link up join us below.  Have a fun viewing day!!!

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  1. Looking for something new to watch. Will check these out. Thank you!


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