Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ipsy August 2015 Prep School bag review

disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits for future goodies.

I'm back with a look at this months Ipsy.  It is a little later this month since I've been busy with the boys and with the bag just not really WOWing me I wasn't all gung how to share. :( but we'll get to that in the review.  They still come in the hot pink envelope and I love seeing them in my mailbox each month.  This months theme was Prep School. I really liked the theme and the concept and the spoilers I just don't think I got the interesting and good ones.

In case you need a reminder  Ipsy  is a monthly beauty subscription that gets you 5 items in a cute little bag each month for only $10!!!! (plus tax in certain states).  This is the only makeup type bag I'm getting right now and I still love it. While not every month is a great one for me overall I'm usually pretty happy.

And onto the goodies for this month. I actually am really loving the houdstooth pattern on the bag and its hard to see in the picture but it has a good texture to it.  I'll definitely be reusing this one.

  • Eco-Beauty good night, night cream (~$11.50) - This is pricey for a sample so I love being able to try it out.  It is a night cream and does a heavy hydration. My skin is pretty dry from the summer and sunscreen and pool etc so I really should use this soon and see how I like it and if it really works for me.  I'm pretty picky with lotions so we'll see.
  • Albertini Divine Skin Hydrator ($1.78) - This in interesting to me as it says that you apply it to wet skin in the shower.  I'm a shower gel kindof girl so I'm not sure I'm going to add another in shower step but it does sound interesting.  Oh and when I clicked over to their website it says it was created for women over 40. I mean I know I just turned the big 40 but I think it is very funny that they included an item like this and didn't put that little tidbit on the ipsy page. :)
  • Noyah Natural Lipstick in Desert Rose ($4.50) - I'm not a lipstick girl so I won't use this one at all but I'll pass it on to someone else.  This is an all nautral lipstick and has bamboo packaging, is made in the USA with no parabins or sulfates  It sounds good just not for me.
  • Lord & Berry Ultimate Lipcolor and liner in nude ($1.80) - I will probably use this sometime since when I do want a little more color on my lips I tend to use a liner all over and then put my lipgloss on top. However this is another just hmm product for me.
  • Doll10 Beauty Hyrdagel Blush in Flirt ($12.50) - this one does have me intrigued.  I use blush everday and usually a powder. I have not found a cream that I really like but this is like a hybrid and that sounds interesting. The color seems ok for now since I need a bit of a pink tint to my blush for my skin tone.  I'll try this one when I have some time.

This really just wasn't my bag this month. I think if I'd gotten almost any of the other spoilers then the lip products I would have been more excited.  It is also one of my lower value bags at just over $30 which is still a great deal since it only cost $10.  I do want to try a couple of the items so that works and I'm sure next month will be amazing. I love more fallish colors so as we start to get into those I get even more excited.

Did any of you get an  Ipsy  bag this month?  Did you love yours? I know I've read some posts and people are really happy this month.  What was your favorite item? I'm always excited to see what other items people get since we don't all get the same thing. :)


disclaimer: This post contains a referral link for Ipsy and if you joining through me I will get credits and cash them in for extra goodies.

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