Monday, November 19, 2012

November POPSugar Must Have Review

My November POPSugar Must Have box came last week. I'll start with this was just an ok box for me. I think I will get use of everything but nothing was over WOWing to me like in the last couple of months boxes.  I can't wait to see next months box since it is Christmas and then see from there. :)

 I do love opening the boxes and seeing all the goodies for the first time.  I am horrible about spoilers and I almost always peak but its still so exciting to see for yourself.
 Mor Lip Macarons smells great.  I got the French Vanilla scent and haven't used it yet but it does smell great.  Did anyone else get a different scent?
 La Boite Spice Mixes.  I have been cooking more so I can't wait to try these out.  It also included a little recipe card so maybe I'll give those a try.
Snow and Graham Thank You Notes - Well since you all know that I rep Stampin' Up and make my own cards I probably won't be using these.  I do have someone I can pass them on to though so they will be put to good use. With that being said they are really nice and a great quality and pretty.
 Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy DVD so not sure about this. I've never done yoga and I'm not really an exercise type person but I might give this a try.  I keep talking about starting something physical up and maybe this could be it.
 I'm going to ask a question right off. Who all owns a doughnut pan?  When I saw this Stonewall Kitchen mix I was really excited till I saw that I needed a special pan for it.  I don't even know what one looks like but I guess I need to get one now since these look fantastic.
and now for the big item in the box this month.  Its a Gorjana Parker Bracelet.  I was really excited for this but it is so small noone I know can get it wrapped three times around our wrists like you are supposed to.  I actually can get it wrapped around my left wrist but not my right and since I wear my watch on my left and it was a little snug I'm going to try and pass this on.  I know a couple people with really small wrists so maybe they will have better luck with it.  I do like it though and it looks so pretty I just wish it had like another inch to it.
So as you can see I think I will use or pass on everything but nothing just stands out to me. 
For those that don't know the POPSugar Must Have box is a subscription service that sends you a box each month with some great must have items in it.  It goes for $35 a month and I think it is really worth it.  This was my third box so you can look back through and see what else I've gotten.
Disclosure:  Yeap you know it I have affiliate links in this post.  You click and add and I get some free goodies or compensation. Even with that all the reviews are my own and my opinions.

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