Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Decorating through the years!!!

M and I love Halloween. Back before kids we used to host a Halloween party and really do things up. We are a little more subdued in our partying now but we still do decorate the yard.  I thought I would show a couple pictures of the yard through the years.  We use the same basic decorations each year and just add and replace as becomes necessary.

 Our first year 2001!!!  M made all the fake fence and tombstones. Don't you love my luminaries? Martha Stewart makes everything look easy.

2002:  A little inside and stuff really moved around.

 2003: The house all lit up

2005: Old house still all decorated!!!

 2006:  New house and the decorations came out for the first time. :)

2007: Can you tell which one is M?

2008:  Added a baby and not all the fence came out.

2009: The fence is back!!  This is N and his friend down the street checking out the decorations.

2010:  Hmm the formatting is causing me issues.  But as you can see we did pretty skimpy decorations this year. N showed us what we had but he wasn't so sure of the reaper.
 2011: And baby makes 2 kids!! It was nasty and rainy so nothing went out. :(

2012:  This year!!!  No fence but alot made it out.  Of course M did it the night before since it had been so nasty and windy with Sandy coming through.
So how does everyone else decorate for Halloween?  Do you go all out? M would like to do more but time is pretty prohibitive so he does what he can. Most of ours are really showing some wear so an upgrade will be needed in the near future.  N really wants to help design so we'll have to work on something. Maybe next year we'll have the time. ;)
and one last time.
Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. It all looks so good!!! I have never seen your old house. Pretty!!!


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