Monday, November 19, 2012

November 2012 Citrus Lane Review

This is the my third Citrus Lane box and probably my last one for now unless you guys all buy through my link and get me some freebies. :)  I do love them every month but with C being my younger son alot of what we are getting I have something similar.  But we shall see how it goes and how I hold out.;)

 All packed up with my little information card.  This months theme was Fun with Food and of all my boxes so far it follows the theme the closest.  Just wait and see.
 These bowls are from Green Eats and are a snack bowl set of 4.  The card tells me they are made in the USA from recycled milk cartons. I love these and C loves to dip and put everything in a bowl so these will get alot of love.
 This is a great bento type box from Goodbyn Small Meals. There are two compartments in this.  My older son N has lunch bunch at his preschool on Wednesdays so I know this will be used then.  We have one but I like this size so we will be giving it a try out.
 Another food pouch.  I know that lots of people are complaining about these but my son C normally loves them.  Last months potato mess aside.  I made alot of his food when he was little so he thinks these are a great treat and are great for on the go snacking.  This is a Strawberry mush mash from Plum Tots so a flavor he will down quickly.
 Can you really have too much play food?  I don't think so. Even though I have two boys they both love a good kitchen set.  I've actually be hiding this little container so that I can give it as a gift in our advent calendar this season. I've never heard of Plan Toys but these are really nice wooden toys that I know they will love.
Onto the little extras that are in the box.  There is a coupon for Tiny Prints and some Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer.  Always fun little extras.

Citrus Lane is a subscription box (Can you tell that I'm a little addicted? :)) that costs $25 a month but you can save 10% on your subscription if you use the code SPRINGFUN. You will fill out a profile and they send a box of age appropriate items. So a smaller child will get different items then my 20month old.  I do age him up to about 24months so I get things he can move into.


disclosure:  My affiliate link is included. When you order through my link I get credits for free items.  Thanks for looking and ordering.

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  1. Plan toys? I am assuming they are the same as plan city stuff? They have lot so great wooden toys, cars, wooden garages, airports. My boys loved them when they were littler!!


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