Friday, November 23, 2012

Goodies Nov 2012 Box

I was very excited to get into the Goodies box.  I signed up for the list and got my invite so November was my first box. Goodies is a subscription box that sends you a box of food items each month for only $7. WOW  being my first one all I can say is yes it is a great deal.

Now onto the picture goodness.:)

 As with my other boxes this one came with an information sheet.
 But this sent a special gift this month of a market tote. It is a really nice one and I can't wait to take it to the store with me.
Well this picture looked better on my camera.  Sorry about the glare.
  • Oogies Gourmet Popcorn in White Cheddar. I'm not a huge fan of these popcorn type things but I will give this a try.
  • Bobbysue's Nuts this is a great togo size
  • Bigelow Tea Eggnogg'n thank goodness there is only one bag of this since it really sounds disgusting. LOL.  I'm going to see if I can pass it along to someone who must be more adventurous then me. ;)
  • American Vintage Wine Bisquits.  The info card says they are handmade. Not really sure why they needed to be since they are a cracker but I have some leftover dips from Thanksgiving so I should pull them out and give them a try.
  • TheLazyBaker Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread mix. Now this is really intriguing to me and I can't wait to get my bake on and make these.  Not a huge pecan fan but I will try them and probably make them when I need to take a little something somewhere.
  • Flourless Bliss Pumpkin Souffle mix. This is a little ready to go container and I love it. Since its getting cooler this week I'm sure to try it out one night.
  • Lotus Bakeries Smooth Biscoff spread.  There is only a small togo container of this and the infor says its good on toast and fruit slices so when I'm having my crackers this week I might grab this out with some fruit too. 
So even though everything isn't exactly what I would eat I do love getting new things to try and hopefully finding a couple keepers and for only $7 a month its a great deal.
Happy eating,

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