Tuesday, January 27, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  Last week saw the return of some of my shows and since I had been gone I'm also catching up on a couple shows.

Let's start with my favorite show Supernatural.  I think it came back with a solid episode. I'm not sure I'm sold on it yet but I did like it.  Tonight's episode with the return of Charlie has me all excited though. :)  So back to last weeks episode who else was waiting for Crowley to say he does have a family?  I really think that in a dysfunctional kindof way the Winchesters are like family to him.  I do want to know what his mom is up to and what her end game will be.

I also managed to watch Vampire Diaries while I was at my mom's house.  I'm glad they have Kai contained for a few minutes anyway but I want to know what Enzo is up to. Why did he follow Stephen? I know he wants to get even but you would think he'd just hit the road and go.  I also like the path that Damon and Elena are going. I do think that is who she belongs with.  I wonder what will happen with the rest of the Gemini coven kids once the Kai stuff is taken care of?  I kindof like some of them and hope they stick around.

And now onto a new show The Librarians.  M and I binge watched the last 5 or so episodes over the last couple of nights and its just a fun show to watch. I had never watched the movies it is a spin off from until they announced this show so we watched those and then dove right in.  I love Christian Kane and any show by Dean Devlin so of course this is a perfect fit.  I really like the way they tied up he last show just in case it doesn't get picked up but I'm really hoping it does since I think they are going in a good way and I would love to see more stories.

So those are just a couple of the shows I watched last week. N goes back to school tomorrow so I'll be working on catching up on some more shows.  What shows are you loving right now? There are also some new shows coming up that I might want to check out. I need to look up when they are all starting. Most are in March I think.

Happy Viewing,

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