Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

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Morning!!!  Wow its hard to get going today after being on a cruise last week.  We pretty much went with kid time so we slept in each morning and then planned our day from there.  It was AWESOME!!! I'll post a couple pictures in this post but look for a full post later this week.

This is pretty much the look in Ns face the whole week. He was having such a great time.

Due to rough water we didn't get to stop at Little Stirrup Cay but we did get out in Nassau and look around a bit.

And this doesn't show our whole room but N slept in the pull down. He was so excited to have it to himself but he did allow C to come up and visit him. :)

Let's see what is on the plans this week.  N is still tracked out and C is out today for MLK day.  Of course we need to get dressed this morning and run out for some food and other errands. Then we are heading to Charlotte this weekend before N goes back to school next week.  And speaking of next week its Ns birthday. How is my mr. man almost 7 years old.  WOW time really does fly.

I have a pile of mail here to go through.  I know there is an Ipsy bag here and another My Paper Pumpkin box. I can't wait to dig into both of those but I'm waiting to give myself a little pick me up as I work through all the laundry. How can two little boys go through so much laundry on a cruise. LOL

That's it from me for today. How was everyone else's week? How is this week looking?
Have a great day!!!

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