Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Whatever Wednesday

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!  I hope everyone is having a good one.  We are on a semi normal routine today with N still being tracked out and C going to preschool. I'll be glad when N goes back to school next Wednesday. :)  Of course it kindof sucks that he will be going back on his birthday but oh well. LOL  

Here are a couple things I'm Whatevering today:

Poor C. He fell out of a wagon yesterday and this is his face this morning :(  He says it doesn't hurt and I've poked and prodded it with no screaming so I'm thinking it is one of those looks worse then it feels kindof things but WOW it looks really bad.

Did you see that the Starbucks and Disney is going to have new mugs and tumblers?  I am loving both of these and can't wait to try and get one one my next trip.

Oh my I knew my Ipsy bag was heavy this month but I had no idea why until I opened it. I had cashed in a ton of points I had for all of these extra goodies.  Woohoo I am so excited.  I'll have the review for the main Ipsy bag up later this week but it is pretty good too.

Oh and in honor of the new tour announcement yesterday I am totally rocking my NKOTB shirt today ;)  

So what are you thinking about today?  

Happy Wednesday!!!

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