Friday, January 2, 2015

PeachyCheap Grab Bag December 2014

Wahoo!!! I was so excited today to open the mail and see a Padded Flat Rate Envelope from Peachycheap.  As is becoming a tradition I grabbed their mystery bag that was the deal of the day on Christmas.  In case you didn't know Peachycheap is a crafty deal of the day site. The post a deal each day at midnight and its first come first serve. Last year and this year they had a mystery bag on Christmas and since I loved last years so much I had no issues in grabbing this years right up.

I wasn't so sure when I first opened it since the glitter rolled out first and I just have so much glitter I'm already not using but once I laid it all out I am very happy. And I even think I have an idea for the glitter. I have so much naked chipboard here that I'm planning to lay it out and then glitter it all up so that it is ready to use.  I'm thinking this will help me use up two of my stash items.

This bag was $14.99 and then $5.99 for shipping. For that price I am very happy.  I'm planning on doing a 52 week Project Life book and the small paper pad, rotary stamp, dots and goodies will all be great for that.

Have a great and crafty New Year,


  1. i have been lax about getting over here (and anywhere else) because i haven't had time for TT. no, i hadn't seen this! it looks really neat. can you be my daughter's mom? because someone needs to teach her all these craft things and it ain't gonna be me!

    1. I've been lax on blogging. The holidays have been busy but I hope to get back in gear starting next week. And send her down I'd love to craft with her. :)


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