Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  Let's start the new year off with some tv. I know many shows were on hiatus but it was a chance for me to catch up on some TV and now that the shows are back and starting up it makes me very happy.  However I'm going to chat today about a couple very random shows.

Does anyone watch General Hospital?  I record it and then FF through a lot or just skip days as it goes but I must say I'm getting hooked right now. I am pretty done with the Fluke storyline but I'm actually liking the new Jason and of course Maxie and Nathan are so great together.   I'm sure there will be some big fall out when it is figured out who Jason really is since he had Sam don't really get along anymore and speaking of I really like Sam with Patrick. I've always liked Robin but he is so much fun with other ladies.

Since I was gone last week I haven't watched that one yet but I did watch the premiere of Donnie Loves Jenny and I will say I wasn't as annoyed as I thought I would be.  I'm not a huge Jenny fan but I love me some Donnie so I had to check it out.  I will be watching all the episodes for sure.  Speaking of Donnie you can tell I've been away since I had no idea that NKOTB was going to be the house band on Kelly & Michael this morning.  I turned it on late so I'll have to catch the first half of it online.  And did you see their announcement?  NKOTB is touring with TLC and Nelly this summer.  I have already told my sister that would make a perfect 40th birthday present for me ;)

I've always liked Love it or List it but I've never really recorded it until now.  The current new shows were filmed in and around Durham, NC which is just a town over so I keep reading that people are running into Hilary and David. I think that is just AWESOME and I love know that they are working in the area.  So fun. So far the houses they have redone have looked really good and I also like seeing what else is out there around me. Not that I plan to move anytime soon but its always fun to look.

So those are a couple random show that I've been watching recently.  Most of my regular shows are starting this week or soon so I will be back to my CW love soon :)

Happy Viewing!!!

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