Monday, July 13, 2015


After taking a week of while on vacation I'm back and linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently Monday post again.


Amazed--- that N can already be in the 2nd grade. I'm sure that he was just born and then just starting kindergarten.  He is loving school so far this year and his school is amazing and issues each kid a planner.  His first comment when he got home was to ask if he could use my washi tape to decorate his planner pages too. ;) #kidofaplanneraddict

Visiting--- So many places these past couple of weeks. With our year round schedule N only had one week between his classes and we crammed in a ton of fun activities.  We started out by going downtown and visiting the Museum of Natural Sciences.  We are so lucky to have so many great museums local to us here.

Then we took off to the beach with my friend for a couple days.  Since we went to an NC beach we did not spend a ton of time in the ocean like we normally do with all the shark siteings but we did get in for a bit.  Well they got in since I'm not a huge ocean person ;)

On our last day the boys didn't want to go back to the beach so we decided to stop and visit the Battleship North Carolina on our way home. We've never stopped there before and it was fantastic. So much fun and we will be going back again I'm sure.

Excited--- For N. He wants to play football but being that he's a little guy he doesn't make the weight cut off for that so  opted for flag football. He has his first practice and scrimmage this weekend and he loved it.

Have ringing ears--- I won some tickets to the R5 concert this past weekend and took N. He loves R5 and was so excited to go but WOW I do have a new appreciation for my dad who took me and my friends to all these types of concerts back in the day. LOL  While there wasn't as much squeling as I was expecting it was very loud and very hot in there.  They did do a great job in concert and I'm ready to be the coolmom and take him to the next one.

Sorry for the picture heavy post but lots of catching up this week.  Not many plans for the rest of the week with N in school and C and I still playing catch-up.  
Have a great week everyone!!!

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  1. Your vacation looks like it was fun—but I'm with you on not wanting to go in the water. Have a great week!

    **stopping by from the Currently linkup


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