Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whatever Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've done a Whatever Wednesday post but with the weekend coming up I'm in the mood to chat so here I am :)

  • N had his last day of 1st grade yesterday.  I have no idea how I can possible have a 2nd grader now and that he is getting so grown up.  As I've said before we are on year round school so he actually starts next week.  Be on the look out for that picture next week as I'm sure he will change so much from his last day pic ;)

  • While N was finishing up school C and I were taking in some parks since we had weather in the 80s.  He had a great time and I love playgroups and getting a chance to talk with friends.

  • Of course with C being his own little man we had to head to the store for a couple things the other afternoon and he insisted on taking his bag to hold his phone. LOL so yes I let my son walk through the store carrying one of my older purses.  Pink is his favorite color which he will tell everyone who asks.

  • I'm obsessed with my spiralizer.  So far I've only done zucchini but I have grand plans for many other things as the summer goes on. I'm pretty sure everything tastes better in noodle form.

So those are my Whatevers for today. Most things I post on my instagram if you want to follow but some require a little more chatting then I post there. LOL

Does anyone have any big plans for this holiday weekend? I'll be on and off and back next week for some more updates and fun to share with everyone.


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