Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday and link up


Time for this weeks TV Talk. Take a look around and if you want to join up you can link up down at the bottom. :) Since I watch most things on Tivo my shows are all out of order most of the time so feel free to chat about anything you are watching or have watched. I read a lot of info on shows even the ones that I don't watch. 

M and I finally worked our way through last seasons Bones.  While I still love Bones and watch reruns on tv almost daily it is not a show that I still feel I have to watch right away when it airs.  Are you guys still watching?  The end of this season was interesting. I like that they are delving into Booths addictions a bit more and bringing Pelant back into the mix was interesting.  I know that they didn't know if they were going to get another season so while the last episode would have worked as a series finale I'm glad that there will be more.  I really like when a finale episode either gives us flashbacks or a flash forward to the future as a way to send it off in style.  I know the show is starting to wind down and we probably only have one more season or so but it will live on in rerun and I'm sure to watch it for many years to come.

This is more of a question but I love Harry Potter weekends on ABCFamily but why are they skipping Goblet of Fire?  The last couple weekend they have skipped that movie. I know that they can't show all the movies due to time but why always skip the same one.  Do they not know I need my Robert Pattinson time?  Funny that FX was showing some of the Twilight movies this weekend so I could have switched over but the boys love the HP movies way more then the Twilight ones so I left it on.  I don't keep up with all the HP behind the scenes news so maybe there is a reason they skip GoF each time but I think they should mix it up a bit.

Does anyone still watch General Hospital? You all know that I record it and then ff through it to keep up but I have been paying attention to watch how they send Luke off to the sunset. I liked the story leading up to this last week pretty much. With him having a semi split personality and being a bad guy that was behind so much going on in PC really was pretty cool as he has been around so long that no one would suspect him. However here lately it feels like they have really been dragging it out. It was nice to have some of the characters he's dealt with and the boys come back but it was very rushed and then really didn't have a ton of to do with the rest of the show.  Hmm now that I write that it has me thinking. While his part of the story really doesn't have a ton for the show him bringing Lulu in and Dillon lead to the Dante diabolical so that will have some repercussions coming up I'm sure.  Oh but who am I kidding this is GH so anything can happen. LOL  I aslo read this week that they have some new head writers coming in so I'm excited to see the changes that they make.

Let's end today with another really good soapy show Mistresses!!!!  Did you all see last weeks show?  OMG it was so not what I was expecting. That ending was just crazy.  I was thinking it would go another way and possible Joss would be raped or something but I never expected the guy to be shot. I don't think that Calista had anything to do with it since he seemed like a sleazebag all around.  I'm going with maybe the ex-girlfriend or possible the guy Calista had been sleeping with.  So many possibilities.  Now how about Karen?  That has to be a so weird situation all around. That looks to be a weird dynamic and that they haven't really talked it out yet. I wonder how it will play out in the end.

So that's about it for today's TV Talk. I'm adding a link up here if you want to check out some other peoples chats and let me know what shows you are loving this season.
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