Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again and I'm linking up with Jen for my weekly Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • I'm very sad that Jen and Ben are breaking up. While I never thought they were a perfect couple I did think they were a couple. So sad but at least they want to try and make it easier on the kids.
  • I'm heading out tonight to see Magic Mike XXL with my girls.  I can't wait for a girls night out an this one looks great to really kick our summer off right.

  • I feel like I turned a parenting point yesterday. I let N go to the pool with the neighbor and her kids.  He has never gone without me and M before and he was so excited. It seems like such a big step for him and for me. I think he is at the age where he is getting more freedom so we will have a lot of turning points coming up.
  • I made muffins yesterday thinking we would have them for breakfast in the morning but my boys who I didn't think even liked blueberry muffins ate the whole batch and were looking for more. LOL I am now seeing where people say that boys will eat you out of the house at home. We are starting to get to that point where N will eat almost anything and most nights eats more then me.  LOL wow he is a bottomless pit already and I'm sure it will get worse as he gets older.
So those are some of my very random thoughts for today. What are you up to> Anything exciting?

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  1. I kept seeing hints that Jen and Ben were having trouble but you never know if it is true or not. Even my hubby was sad to hear that they are filing for divorce. So sad.


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