Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Time for some TV talk this week.  I took last week off from blogging but I started adding a link up to this post a couple weeks ago so feel free to join in and share your tv talking fun. I'm up for all talk and I'm a spoiler junkie so I can probably talk your show even if I don't watch it. LOL

I finally got a chance to watch A Deadly Adoption.  I know it got tons of bad press but it was just fine as a Lifetime movie. I think the biggest thing was people expected a big blockuster movie with Will and Kristen in it and it was just a regular made for tv movie.  I'm not sure why they are in it but it did give them both a bit of drama to play since they normally play such funny characters and maybe they wanted something different. Did any of you watch?

I'm still obsessed with UnReal. It comes on Monday nights and I usually watch every Tuesday. It is just good ole summer trash and I love it. If you haven't watched you NEED to binge this right now. It is one of the best things out this summer. ;)  I am curious to see how it goes for future seasons since this one will be wrapped up. I guess they could have a new guy each time but that would be a little odd with the way they are taking it right now.  Hmm so many thoughts.

So Mistresses has been on a couple weeks and it is really getting into the swing of things. I think as they go Jennifer Esposito will get more and more integrated into the other girls worlds and that will make it even better. Last week she got her real introduction.  Oh but can we talk about Harry?  he is so nice to look at and I like he and Joss together but hmm I know they have drama but they need a couple weeks of drama free fun.  Although I will say Joss is a hoot when she was single so I will get used to her run of guys/girls as she plays the field.

I'm still catching up from my trip last week so I'm sure to watch more shows as the week goes on. Any good summer shows I NEED to check out? What are you loving right now?

Have a great week and enjoy your viewings,

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