Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012 BirchBox Man Review

Ms Birchbox Man box came the other day and since we both loved his first box this one was a little disappointing but not a bad box in all.  A couple of the items are just a little eehhh. You'll see below. Hmm not sure but I didn't take a box picture this month. LOL oh well you can see it in the background.

 This is from American Crew and is a post shave cooling lotion.  This is part of a larger set that is full of travel size man gear.
 This one actually has M the most excited. He uses a gel on his hair everyday to keep it from being crazy so he is very interested in trying the Toweldry creme styler.
 We haven't opened this one yet but its John Varvatos Artisan. Based on the little insert card a full size goes from $62-$82 so I'm hoping he doesn't fall in love with it. ;)
So this was the big ticket item in the box and its a felt wallet from Old Calgary. It kindof looked neat in the preview video but once we got it its just eehhh. Nothing really exciting with it.  I'm sure we'll find some use for it but not as a wallet that's for sure. Maybe a business card holder if you don't want it to hold much.

So if you are thinking this box looks kindof skimpy you are right.  There is one item on the included card that was not in my box. Its a wash & buff scrub from Evolutionman. I've written Birchbox Man but since they are in the Sandy path I'm waiting to hear back.  Based on my experience with my woman's box I'm sure they will make it correct some how. 

Like the woman's box you can review the items and get points for them for the birchbox store.  Since we have both of our boxes in the one account our points are cumulative and I get to spend them all. :)


disclaimer:  You guessed it the links above are for my account and I will get points if you order through me.

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  1. Neat box!!!
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