Monday, April 20, 2015


I'm trying out a new link up today.  I'm linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently Monday post.

Loving - N started back to school today so yesterday we went to get haircuts for both boys.  I can't believe how much older C looks with his new haircut.

Amazed - at how much food N is eating now. He loves Subway and has decided that it is best for breakfast. :(  I'm not sure that I agree with it but he thinks its delicious.

Enjoying - I'm really enjoying the Flash. I know I talk about it a lot in my TV  Talk Tuesday but it really is getting good and I love how it kindof fits in nicely with the Arrow. They do seamless crossovers and it works well.  Another random but N has decided he likes The Flash and keeps making excuses so he can stay downstairs and watch with me. This week it was a tummy ache ;) but then he asked if I could wait and watch the show with him from now on.  I said of course so now we have our first real joint show to watch.  I'm pretty excited for it.

Anticipating!!!!  - Girls weekend this weekend.  We are staying local but going to a friends house for scrapbooking fun. I also have a friend coming up from out of town to join us and I'm so excited.  I love girls weekend and getting crafty and just chatting away.  

Have a great Monday everyone!!!


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  1. Super cute boys!!
    YAY for girls weekend!

    Thank you so much for joining my Currently series. Sorry for commenting a week late, it's been crazy!!


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