Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Musings

It's been a busy morning so just now getting a chance to finish this up.  How was everyone's weekend?  We had a fun time and spent so much of it outside. The boys were in heaven.

Saturday we headed out to the NC State Spring Game. The boys loved checking everything out and watching the team play. It was so warm out that we didn't stay for the whole thing but we had a blast for what we saw.

Can you see what is missing?  Yesterday was very eventful.  N was outside playing with the neighbors and they were playing chase.  One of the girls went to tackle him and her finger went in his mouth.  Then about 10 min later he said he realized he was missing some teeth. LOL  At least that is the story that I got. His teeth were loose so its not surprising and they didn't bleed or anything so they were ready.  We did do a little looking around but trying to find such small teeth in a grassy backyard just wasn't happening so he wrote the tooth fairy a nice note that I'm sure she will keep for years to come ;)

We don't have many plans again this week. N and I had the dentist this morning and other then that we are just going to hang out.  He has to go back to school next week so he is enjoying sleeping in and being lazy.  He'll be back for the big push to the end of the school year once he goes back. It will be a long 9 weeks.

Oh I did get to read and finish the second book in the Maker series by Kresley Cole.  It was even hotter then the first one and now I have to wait and wait until the third book comes out. Now I get to start on the new JR Ward book The Shadows but I need to have some time to really read it. I tend to get lost in her books and then I'm no good to anyone. LOL  Do you ever get that way when reading a book?

So that's about my update for the day.  I hope you all have a good week and I'll be back on to do some chatting as we go. 

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