Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Thoughts


Happy Thursday everyone and as usual I'm linking up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • In yesterdays post I said we had no plans this weekend but in the process of one day we now have three things on Saturday alone. LOL
  • We may have some family come over for Easter on Sunday now too.
  • I posted a picture of C yesterday at his Easter parade and some one mentioned his outfit was very Breakfast Club. I never even thought it when he picked it out. Here is another picture. What do you think?

  • With the girls over this weekend we sent my sister to the store to grab us some cookies once we went through our stash and she brought back some chips ahoy with oreo filling.  Who knew these existed but C approves.

  • And now onto my yesterday afternoon fun. The boys wanted to play Legos so they took the bins and dumped them out and then proceeded to NEED the exact same piece. I mean really look at this pile I'm sure they didn't need the same one. So being the mom I am I fixed the problem by taking the piece for myself ;) oh and to make it even better the piece was girls hair with a ponytail. LOL They  both needed a cheerleader or something is what they were telling me.

  • Someone remind me not to make all of our doctor appointments in one week. I feel like we have been running from one to another all week.  N has his 7yr appointment today in a little bit so we are off again.
I hope everyone has a great day and Easter weekend.  If you are having the AWESOME weather we are having then enjoy it. It is gorgeous here.


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