Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Back for Tuesday and to talk some TV.

I will be the first to say I don't always watch Dancing With The Stars but for some reason this year I've watched almost every week.  I know that is so weird for me and really there isn't anyone on there that I just have to watch but I still have been enjoying it.  Last night was Disney and it was phenomenal.  I love the more theatrical dances so Disney night really works for me.  Mark and Willow for Alice in Wonderland was amazing and watching Riker do a Jack Sparrow impersonation was so great. His dance was so strong last night.  I really don't care who wins this yer yet and I'm glad with the people going home. I think the next couple of weeks could be interesting as we are at the stage where someone surprising usually gets sent home so I'm curious to see who it will be.

M and I have been watching CSI:Cyber.  I'm not sure they have the right balance yet but since it really just started they are working it out. I do like the show and it doesn't sure to watch James Van der Beek every week.  I'm not fond of the intro since she basically talks through the whole thing but maybe as the show progresses since the stories seem pretty strong they will change and/or modify it as people know what the show is about.

I did take some time last week and catch up on The Flash and Arrow.  WOW they are both so good and I can't wait for the upcoming cross over episodes.  There was so much info dumped on us in the last Flash that as it starts to come out for everyone I think it will be a big changer.  The time travel stuff still has me a little lost but I think that happens when they start messing with the time line.  Arrow has so much going on as well and I am not happy that Roy turned himself in. I know why he did it and it makes for a good story but he is so lost and just needs to have someone really take him in. He is part of team Arrow but that doesn't make him really a member of the family like the others are. He always seems a little on the outside looking in. I'm betting that will change after this though.

So shows are just coming back from hiatus and will be going into their last stretch. I can't wait for the finales and to see which shows will be picked up for next season. There are some interesting rumors about cancellations and/or possible farewell 13 episode seasons.  I have a feeling next year will be that last year for a lot of my shows which is sad but also exciting for what new will be on the horizon.

Happy Viewing,

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