Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


How is everyone doing on this Tuesday?  N is still tracked out so we are having all kinds of at home fun :) but I still have plenty of time to talk some TV.

Last week I got a chance to watch the first 3 episodes of iZombie. I wasn't sure what to expect from it but the premise had me interested and I'm happy to say that I like it.  I like that they don't deal too heavily on the weird zombie part and there is plenty of other crime fighting that takes place too.  I would be lax to say that I love David Anders and had no idea he was on this show so that was a happy surprise.  At first I thought they were going to make him soft but nope he is the underlying bad guy that we all know and love.  He is AWESOME!!!  I also like that they have her still have a bit of a regular life with a roommate and an ex-fiance however I haven't really figured out if they can keep up with the work/zombie stuff and the old life stuff.  I can see how the roommate would fit in with her being a lawyer but the ex as appealing as he is (I love Robert Buckley form when he was on One Tree Hill and again a pleasant surprise) he is going to need to be a little more involved in the storylines for me to be invested.

It's been a couple weeks but I'm back talking about my fave show Supernatural.  Oh what can we say about last weeks episode. It was good and then sad. I loved seeing Bobby and I like the way they worked him in but then it was sad to see him too. You realize what is missing when someone is on for just one episode. He did great and I'm glad he stayed up in Heaven even though he is in trouble. For a second I thought he might show up with Castiel back on Earth and that jut wouldn't be right.  I also loved this episode with all the Dean and Crowley together and how Crowley kicked his mom to the curb. I've said it before and I'll say it again in a weird way Crowley and the boys are family and they both know it and that is why they "work" well together.  Next weeks episode sees the return of Charlie which is also fun and we are gearing up to the big season finale. I'm so glad that the show has another season since I can see a big cliffhanger and wtf moment coming at the end of this season.

Another new show that started last week was Younger.  This show is AWESOME and so much fun so far.  I can't even imagine pretending to be 26 again. Holy WOW that would be a nightmare but it is really fun to watch. Of course since my boys are only 4 and 7 I can't imagine being my age and having a kid in highschool either. I kindof fit in the middle of Liza's world but that is ok.  In the first two episode I did get most of the references they made (I think ;)) but is #toplesstuesday really a thing? I mean I'm not on twitter much (see showing my age LOL) but that just sounds crazy. Oh and when the show was talking about bush about 10min in I knew this was a show for the ladies. Haha I'm not sure many guys will like it but it makes great text message convos with my girls.

Obviusly I spent a couple nights catching up on new shows since this is a new one.  I love the Lip Sync Battles on Jimmy Fallon so I'm guessing this is an offshoot of that. So far I've loved the couple that I've seen.  Seeing Duane Johnson syncing Taylor Swift and then seeing John Legend syncing to Juvenile. I mean when do you ever get to see that.  Oh and just incase you wondered this show is not kid friendly. LOL you may think so but nope these are adults performing and it shows.  I can't wait to see who else competes. The promos look great and the guests are really getting into it plus who doesn't like to watch LL Cool J on your TV? 

Have a great TV week everyone!!!

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