Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Taking some time today to share some FAVORITES.

So I picked up this book to read since I love Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series and uhm lets just say this one is more adult ;)  I still thought it was really good and I have already ordered the second in the series but I guess I wasn't expecting it to be what it really was.  LOL I know I had read that The Game Maker Series was going to be more adult but with The Professional I finally saw that. Have any of you read these yet?  I've already passed this one onto a friend to take on vacation with her next week. She is in for a treat. 

Very random but my sister is a Plant Biology major and she has a class where she had to grow something edible from seeds. Well her apartment doesn't have good sunlight so she brought them to my house.  She has little containers that you can kindof see off to the side but then she has this pot that she just dumped some of the leftover seeds in.  As you can see we have lettuce and spinach growing and I get a little to excited checking on in everyday. LOL #itsthelittlethings

My little men.  Since N is now a bicycling genius it is all he wants to do. Yesterday while we were outside they wanted to take a picture of all of us.  

Pretty sure I've said this before but I love the Timehop app.  This was from yesterday and the start of my girls cruise.  I love my girlies and can't wait until we can make another trip happen.

So that is it for today. What are you guys loving this week? 
Have a great weekend,

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