Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Track Out Teacher Gift

Yay N is tracked out for 3 weeks and since its kindof a big deal we like to get his teacher a little gift.  He has a great time and loves helping me create them.  I saw this idea on pinterest a week or so ago as a Christmas Gift and knew I could turn it into a great teacher gift.

Isn't it cute?  I know it was a little hard to photograph so I took one of the otherside too.

It was a nice jar of caramel and then a red and green apple.  All bagged up and added a bow.

I pulled up a bitmap image on the computer and added some text to it.  N and I tossed around a couple ideas and when I said this one he loved it and decided this was the way to go.  And much to my luck my new printer can feed through my Stampin' Up cardstock.  Woohoo  My old one would get caught up so I was excited to find this out.

Then I fussy cutted out the apple and got it ready for N to sign.

Signed up and added to our cute package.

He took it in with him on the last day and she loved it. Such a fun and easy idea to pull together. I'm sure I will redo this one for other events sometime.

Happy Crafting,

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