Tuesday, October 27, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Are we ready to talk some TV?  Fare warning there are spoilers below so enter at your own risk. I love talking TV and since there is a big thing we need to discuss this week it could get juicy.

So first up is the big episode of the Walking Dead. OMG I was just in shock when I first watched it and then I watched it again and I read some reviews and spoilers and I'm pretty sure Glenn is not dead.  I'm not sure exactly how he gets out of the herd but he is a survivor and I think he will make it.  I do have to wonder why they didn't just at least look and jump over the hedges at least to give it a shot but that is just me looking at the whole area.  I'm kindof more concerned with Rick and the RV. I think this is the first time that I've seen Rick actually look kindof defeated. I don't think the surprise attack did him any good and then to see the baby food in the guys jacket he knows that they were in Alexandria.  Next week looks to be a Morgan backstory episode and is also 90 minutes so I don't know if we get 90 minutes of him or if he is just part of it and the rest of the team getting back to Alexandria is in there too. With the way this season is going it could be a couple weeks before we see what happens to Glenn but I'm hoping they at least give us a little glimpse of hope soon.

Next up is the Vampire Diaries.  Ok so originally I thought Caroline was the vampire hunter but since that isn't the case I'm wondering if maybe Bonnie is or their mother.  Since it is in the future it could be almost anyone.  Speaking of Caroline who is she engaged too?  Is it Tyler? It was nice to see him worked in but not sure why they would if he wasn't going to be part of the plan. The open bleeding wound thing is a little disturbing and has me all confused.  I will say that I am loving this season. While I will miss Elena since I liked her as a character they had kindof ran the course of the love triangle and I'm glad they are having to think outside the box and change up the season. It really has revitalized the show.

So who watched Supergirl last night? I actually was up so I went ahead and watched it.  Hmm I just don't know what to think yet. I liked it but it wasn't anything to write home about.  I will have to see a couple more episodes and then decide since it is so hard to determine a show based on the pilot. There is so much they have to introduce that they do often seem rushed and not as coherent until a couple episodes it.  So overall I liked it but didn't love it and I will be checking out some more episodes.

What shows are you loving so far this season?  Have you dropped any off your watch list already? The networks have started cutting episode orders and cancelling shows so it should get real interesting soon. 

Happy Viewing,

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