Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Is everyone getting caught up with this season so far?  I've been watching some shows but haven't really gotten into some of them but I'll get there.  I'm going to chat about a couple today but feel free to comment below with any other shows you watch and need to vent/chat about. :)

Let's start off with the Walking Dead and can we all just say that Carol is badass.  Oh WOW she really rocked this episode. I don't know whose side I'd be on with her and Morgan but in this case I think that they did need to die since they were having no problem coming in and just killing people right and left.  This was a good way to weed out extra cast members that we really didn't know and didn't care to know.  LOL  Otherwise I did like this episode and how it played out. When it started I wasn't sure what was going on with them being all about Enid but then it all starts to fall into our timeline and we see what is going on.  I'm sure there will be more to do with the walkers heading towards the town next week but this one was still really good.

I'm also all caught up on Bones.  I have a friend (Hi Diane!!!) who kept telling me I needed to watch and she wasn't wrong.  I know the reason they did the Booth missing stuff and I think it worked out pretty well. A little upset they killed his brother offscreen but he would do anything for family and we all know and love this about him so it totally makes sense.  I can't wait until they keep going now that they are back in the swing of their respective jobs.  

I also watched the finale CSI movie this weekend too.  I have not watched CSI in years but it felt like I needed to watch and say goodbye and I thought it was pretty good. They of course had brought back some of the people who had been gone and I think it was a pretty good send off.  I think this show had run its course but it did pretty good with bringing in new cast members and keeping it going.  I'm sure it could have gone on a couple more years but they went out before it really felt old.  

And let's finish today's chat with my boys and Supernatural.  I will say last weeks really surprised me. I figured we'd be dealing with Sam and the infection for awhile and wasn't expecting him to find a cure the second episode of the season.  I am not sure how I feel about this little girl being very Lilith like.  Is anyone else thinking that? She kindof looks like her and is evil like her. I hope they make some more differences soon.

That's it for today.  Is there any show that has really surprised you this season? Anything you've been watching that has really jumped the shark?

Happy Viewing!!!

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