Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


I'm back from my retreat and working on catching some of the premiers.  So far I will say I'm loving what I've been seeing. This is going to be kindof long today I think as I'm going to run down my list but let me know what you are loving and what you are watching. You can see my whole chart over at Fall 2015 TV .  

I'm going to go through all the shows that have already started back and let you know where I am.  I'm writing this pretty much as I watched them so they are my first thoughts as I go. 

Big Bang Theory - I've watched the first coupl and they are pretty good. I love this show and it is easily one you can just flip on and watch whenever. This I think will be the Friends of the future when it is on all the time.

Scorpion - This show is just crazy but in a great way. I think the team is great together and I like the problems they work on everyweek. While we know they are always going to solve the problem I still like watching it.

Castle - I only watched the first one back so far and another show that I love.  I can't wait to see why Beckett is on the run and what the deal is.  Plus who doesn't love watching Nathan Fillion.

Scream Queens - So I'm loving this show. I can't decide if they really want us to take it serious or not but I'm not really caring as it is just pure campy fun. Oh and I love love love the music. The songs they pick are just awesome.  I just watched the one from last week and they are playing Backstreet Boys and the guys are wearing all white like they BSB did in the video.  Love it.

NCIS: NOLA - again I've only watched one episode so far and it sets up the scene for the story that will thread through the season I think with people after Pride. I think it is a little funny that I like this one and I don't watch any other NCISs but I love NOLA and this one just works for me.

Once Upon a Time - I get my fairytale fantasies from this one and so far I'm not loving evil Emma.  I do love the Merida add on and I hope they work through this stuff fast.

Blood & Oil - So I watched a couple and it didn't grab me like I was hoping.  I'm wondering if now that they have the money it will pick up and get more soapy.  Oh and since I just wrote about OUaT  seeing Kristoff on this makes me laugh as I keep seeing him in this one. LOL

Quantico - I watched the first one and it is an interesting premise.  This is one that M wants to watch too so I'll be slow to catch this one so we can watch together but I do like it so far.

Flash - My boys and I watched this weeks episode and as N tells me it did a lot to set up the season.  This episode was a little slow compared to others but it did set up a bunch for the season.  The flashbacks were a nice touch too since we didn't actually see what had happened.  I think its also setting up Firestorm for the Legends spinoff at midseason.

Supernatural - Oh yes lets talk my boys.  I liked the first episode back.  It addressed the Darkness kindof and set up for the season.  I have a feeling we will be working to save Sam this season since he is obviously infected now but uhm I don't like when they hurt my Cas and I don't think they are going to be overly nice to him now :(

Vampire Diaries - I was so ready for this one since the trailer promised me naked Damon and well I did not see any naked Damon.  They are such a tease.  LOL  Of course I'm pretty sure I could watch a whole show of Damon, Ric and Bonnie take Europe. That looks like one fieldtrip I would be all over.  :)  Anyway back to this episode can we talk about the flash forwards and flash backs. There were a lot of them but they did answer some of the questions from the end of last season and why Mystic Falls looks like a ghost town.  Oh and who is everyone's thought that is after Stefan and Damon in the end?  Stop now if you haven't watched but since it is three years in the future I'm thinking it is Caroline.  She has been tortured by the heretics so she could be all bat shit crazy.

the Originals - Love me some Klaus and really could they make the show even hotter but they went and added Jason Dohring and well they totally did make it hotter. I love me some JD and can't wait to see his role on the show.  

Reign - I still love this show.  It moved to Friday this year which actually works great for my Tivo since Thursdays are a bit crazy. The first episode back really sets up this season and the fights with Elizabeth and England. We also are going to have to deal with Francis dieing which is going to be really sad but I'm curious who they will have her goto next. They are very very loosly based on history so they could go that way but they could also just pick someone else. So many options but I vote for Bash and in that making sure he takes his shirt off alot. You can never have too much Bash. :)

Walking Dead - Holy crap that is about all I can say about that opening show.  All the walkers and them trying to lead them away which of course isn't really going to work.  I was very excited to see Ethan Embry on the show and it was sad to see him go but he did get a good ending. LOL  So back to the questions what is that horn? At first I thought maybe the quarry but then if it was something that happened often they would have heard it so this is new.  Was it really someone from Alexandria or maybe the wolves trying to stop the parade.  So crazy and I can't wait for more.

Shows I haven't watched yet:
Heroes Reborn- uhm I thought this show was on Wed but its really on Thursday so it might be my first casualty of the season.  I wanting to watch but I already have too many shows at 8 on Thursday.
IZombie - uhm another that I didn't realize I'm already wanting to watch like 4 shows at 9pm on Tuesdays. This one isn't making the Tivo cut which is sad but maybe I can catch up later,
Arrow - I actually like purging this one so I'll get a couple recorded and then wait until a night and watch them all together.

Oh WOW that did make for a long list. LOL  The beginning of the season is always so much fun and excitement and I get a little giddy over it. :)  What are you loving so far this season? Anything that has surprised you so far?

ETA - ok so I started this list as I was watching shows last week and just kept adding to it but now that a week is over I think I'm ready to make some deletions from my Tivo.  I'm going to drop Blood & Oil since it just isn't doing it for me. I also can't record SHIELD, Heros, iZombie due to timing conflicts so I think  I'm just going to pull the plug on my thoughts to watch them and will catch them on Netflix or something later if they make it.  I'm also hearing great things about American Horror Story and I've never watched but I love Matt Bomer so I'm thinking of trying it out.

Happy Viewing,

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