Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Oh WOW its been awhile since I've done some TV Talk.  We are really getting into the end of the season for a lot of shows.  My Tivo is very happy with all the recording its doing but I'm very behind in some of my shows so I will get to do mini-marathons once the finales are over which will make me happy.  I have seen a couple of the finales so far so lets talk now. :)

I did watch the finale of Once Upon a Time this week.  I really liked the twist on the heroes and villains and how things turned out. I  think they also set up an interesting story to start next season with too.  I'm a little sad since I'm guessing that Rumpelstiltskin is now gone?  It looks like he passed away but again this is Storybrook so I guess you never really know.  It will be so sad since even though he was a villain he was trying to warn them and keep the dark one at bay so it wouldn't hurt the people he really cared about.

Scorpion's finale was a couple weeks ago but it was really good.  I mean we all knew that they would rescue Walter but I am glad they didn't leave it as a big cliffhanger and we got to see the actual rescue.  Also I always kindof knew that Cabe was a badass but WOWsers he really showed it in this episode and I  mean really hanging like that and grabbing his arm was just WOW.  I'm also glad that we know Paige is staying and that we don't have to figure that out next season. I know they will still probably do the will they or won't they for awhile but it is still exciting.

Oh my let's talk General Hospital. I will say I come and go with GH and then I will have it on while cleaning, cooking etc but when its time for the Nurses Ball I am glued to the screen.  I think its so funny and I love the actors getting to do something kindof out of character for them.  And uhm can we say I like the Magic Milo acts however this season wasn't nearly as exciting as some of the ones in the past have been.  This week should be interesting as they are doing two shows LIVE.  I just can't imagine trying to do all the dialog and action live on tv and I think it will be a hoot. I remember back in the day when ER did a live episode and remembering a couple of the funnies that happened but overall it went pretty well and I'm betting this one will too but I still think its fun.

This week brings the finale for many shows and also the upfronts where the networks tell us what shows they are cancelling and which ones will be back next season. So far there are a few surprises in there.  In the coming weeks once I've caught up a bit I will do my TV chart overview and how my watches changed as the season went on and some thoughts on the schedule for next season looks to me at least at first glance.

Which finale are you most excited for this season? Has it been on yet? What did you think?
Happy Viewing!!!

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