Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


So the regular season is winding down and we've had some finales the last couple of weeks and even more this week. I can't wait for the Flash tonight and Supernatural tomorrow. :) but for now lets talk about some of the other shows that have just finished.

Let's start this week talking about Reign.  I've said this before and I will again this is one of my favorite shows.  I love the whole period drama look and the characters are engaging.  Now for that finale. I really do think that Conde loves Mary and he is just getting caught up in a world/life that he can't control. I have no idea who set him free though. I would think maybe people loyal to Elizabeth but possible his brother. I bet we will be seeing more of this next season. I do love that Mary has kindof come to her senses and going back to Francis. I think he loves her but he does seem to be going back to her out of obligation and to try and protect her the best he can.  Next season will be interesting with Queen Elizabeth in the mix and with her working with Catherine nothing good can come of that. LOL

Holy Crap lets take a minute to talk the Vampire Diaries.  From the finale it almost looks like they are doing a whole show reboot. I mean I knew that they would have to do something different with Nina Dobrev leaving there wasn't going to be a love triangle to go back and forth with anymore. They have now said it will concentrate on the brothers ala Supernatural which you all know I love so I'm curious to see how this plays out.  So with Elena leaving the characters got to kindof say good bye to her and that was sweet and nice but what I really want to bring up is the Gemini coven. Holy crap on a cracker they are all gone.  Kai really just wiped out his whole family and then Damon ripped off his head which was AWESOME.  I was expecting them to let him wither away with his werewolf bite  but nope Damon took charge and killed him.  He so deserved that for what he did to the coven and especially Jo. I mean really poor Alaric he loose everyone he loves and then to lose her and the twins was just so sad. I expect to see the return of drunken scruffy Alaric next season which is welcome but so so sad.  So what did you guys think of the ending? Matt was an officer so I'm thinking a bit of a time jump but I'm not sure how long and what in the world was Damon doing up on the clock tower and the town was in total shambles and a dump so what in the world.  I can't wait for next season now and that really isn't something I've said about VD in recent years.

I love the Arrow and the finale did not disappoint.  I'm going to jump to the end and say I love that he drove off into the sunset with Felicity. He deserves a break and to be happy for awhile and while I know it obviously can't last it is such a nice thought and I'm hoping for a bit of a lighter Ollie next season.  Now for the rest of the show I love that he says he won since he relied on his friends which is very much something that does not come easily to him and it takes a big man to admit that and then to actually let him happen. I'm glad that he didn't end up being the next Raj but I'm sure having Malcolm take the lead will come back to bit him in the rear down the road. LOL

I'm going to do a post coming up on first thoughts on the new fall season but really just look at this chart and you know that I will be watching the CW Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday. LOL I mean do I really need any of the other channels? (ok yes I really do but the CW really is the channel I watch the most of and no I am nowhere near the demographic I'm sure they are going for. ;))

So what finales have you enjoyed so far this season? Any that you thought were just awesome and done perfectly?


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