Monday, May 4, 2015

Walt Disney World Mystery Grab Bag

You all know I love Disney and then I love a good grab bag so when I was doing an auction in one of my mom's group and a mom offered up a Disney Grab Bag I knew I had to bid on it.  Since I'm writing a post I'm guessing you know that I won and the bag just came today.  C and I just opened it up and we are both very excited.

Here is the bag. You can purchase them for $11.99 at the Fun Finds shop in Downtown Disney.

And here are the goodies we got in our bag.

  • Snowman plush ($13.95) - This is really cute and since it is a winterish item I will put it up for next winter. (ETA - So I guess this is Chilly from Doc McStuffins.  C told me last night when he went to bed with both of the ones we have. He is very happy. )
  • Tsum Tsum Dwarf ($5.95) - I'll say I haven't really gotten into the tsum tsum craze but this is cute and C has already ran off with it so he must like it. 
  • Mickey head pen ($7.95) - Love love love this pen. I can see planning many people trips with my purple Mickey pen. It doesn't hurt that purple is my favorite color. :)
  • Candy Apple Scent Air Freshener ($5.95) - This is one of those things that I know I've read about but never really paid much attention to.  Well now that I've opened the package and I can smell this is is awesome.  I'm pretty sure I'm leaving this in the kitchen area so I can smell it all day.
  • Indiana Jones Vinylmation ($12.95) - oh this on oe of Ns favorite things.  He collected so many the last time we were at WDW and he will love this one.  I did go ahead and open the box so that I knew who we got ;) and we lucked out and got Indiana Jones.  Wahoo!!!

So what do you think? Do you love a good mystery bag? They just make me very happy and I'm still smiling.  Since this was from an auction she also threw in some pieces from other bags she got that they did not want and wouldn't use. I'm going to include a picture so that you can see those and that you can see that you can get duplicate items in the bags but with me having two boys that is ok and this way they each get something. You can feel around the bags before you buy one but you can't open them so its still a surprise.

She had the snowman, the tsum tsum and another vinylmation.  This is a different vinylmation so N will be doubly happy when he gets home from school.

This was awesome and now I need to go back down to WDW so I can get more bags :)
Have a Magical Day,


  1. You know that is Chilly from Doc McStuffin's. It is so sad that I know that.

    1. HaHa yes I found out last night. When I went to tuck C in he had both of them in his bed with him. He told me. I guess I don't pay that much attention to that show. LOL


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